About AlSol

What is AlSol?


We’re focusing on what our customers need:

There isn’t a single solution that meets the diverse income needs of people who are at or nearing retirement age. Some are still planning for tomorrow, and many others want flexibility in adjusting their income goals to meet changing needs. However, benefits that customers can use before their death in cases of serious illnesses, or to supplement their retirement income, are an appealing option no matter the circumstance. We’ve chosen to work with companies that are changing the way people buy life insurance and annuities, so we’re looking for advisors that change the way they recommend life insurance.

And we’re looking for agents to join our team:


By providing our agents with the industry’s most innovative products, high-quality training, extensive knowledge and comprehensive sales support, we help generate radically different conversations with customers. In defining significant reasons why clients should purchase permanent life insurance, we help agents demonstrate the value in owning life insurance beyond working years. Once clients realize the benefits of using our products for multiple solutions, cost becomes less relevant. AlSol representatives won’t have to compete with other advisors on a financial spreadsheet because the worth provided goes much further. Agents are empowered to have benefit-driven conversations, showing clients strategic approaches to a lifetime income solution — from term laddering strategies in the early years to retirement income streams in later years — and in the process delivering financial security in unique and powerful products.


Why join AlSol?

AlSol agents help create a customized retirement strategy that can ensure all their clients’ needs are covered. From legacy planning, to lifestyle planning, to making sure essential needs are met, AlSol agents can recommend personal income strategies through life insurance and annuity products that will help guarantee a sustainable retirement income for life.

Alternative Solutions. New Opportunities. That's AlSol.