Prospect Generation

Leveraging the best web-based tools

Using a combination of our proprietary tools along with industry-proven solutions, our agents will be able to leverage web-based strategy offerings in each and every sale. 

Using these tools, agents will learn how to turn conversations about social security into a life insurance or annuity sale, and be able to demonstrate how annuities and life insurance can create lifelong retirement income by strategically combining longevity rider payouts and laddered annuities. These business-building concepts are supported with systems that are unique in the marketplace — allowing agents to lead with a strategy as opposed to a product, and showing how existing social security benefits can be combined with AlSol solutions.


Social Security Wise

Social Security WiseTM answers the number one challenge that advisors face. No prospecting solution combines the leading-edge technology, original content, marketing strategies and design excellence of Social Security Wise. AlSol agents have the ability to create CUSTOMIZED VERSIONS with compliant, FINRA-reviewed content, compelling case studies, mass mailing campaign capability and downloadable brochures. Each site will be a unique URL with individual agent contact information. Social Security WiseTM combines a revolutionary prospecting website, exclusive content and innovative strategies for generating prospects. The result is a business-building platform that enhances agents’ reputation and image online, extends reach, and appropriately packages value to potential clients.




Social Security Income Planner

Social Security Income Planner (SSIP) is a leading planning solution for modeling various Social Security claiming strategies. This data-rich website offers the capability to fully explore clients’ social security options, and recommend smart approaches in their overall plans. Using SSIP, agents can create and compare Social Security claiming strategies for single, married, divorced or widowed clients. Having this knowledge at their fingertips will help AlSol agents construct an overall retirement income investing strategies that are more effective in handling clients’ long-range needs.

Using all of the tools provided to them, agents will be trained on how to develop clear and comprehensive strategies to recommend to clients for a lifetime of solutions. The AlSol model will allow agents to build value at every life stage, from term strategies for young families, to guaranteed permanent products that offer protection in the event of a serious illness, with products that provide opportunity for cash accumulation that can be accessed in retirement years, all the way through thoughtful planning with clients’ existing 401(k) and pension plans and social security benefits.

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