Living Benefit Life Insurance

The single most important thing we bring to the table at AlSol Brokerage is our passion for living needs benefits life insurance products and annuities.

In fact, that’s where the AlSol name comes from – Alternative Solutions to traditional life insurance and annuity products, creating New Opportunities for you as an agent to help tell the living needs benefits story. So today I’m going to explain why these products are so important.

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When people are in their 30s and 40s, they have three key financial concerns: protecting a mortgage, ensuring college educations, and guarding against income loss. Many agents today repeat a familiar mantra to their customers – buy term and invest the difference. This works fine if all your clients live to retirement age healthy in body, mind and wallet. But as we all know, life happens. What if a primary bread-winner gets sick and is unable to work? Most families wouldn’t be able to make it financially. In fact, bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills affect nearly 2 million people a year—making health care the number one cause of bankruptcy, even above credit-card debt or mortgage defaults. Consider these stats: • Half of all men, and a third of all women, will develop cancer. • Every 34 seconds, an American suffers a coronary event. • Every 40 seconds, an American has a stroke. • 75 percent of heart attack victims, and 70 percent of stroke victims, survive for at least three years With numbers like these, I’d say it’s 100% likely that your clients are going to be affected by health care issues that can lead to serious financial concerns. Now, of course we know that many people are healthy for most of their earning years. But what happens to those people when they near retirement age? Remember the three concerns I talked about a moment ago – mortgage, college, and income protection? As people get closer to retirement, those concerns lessen. Mortgages are paid off. Children are out of college and earning incomes of their own. People are much less dependent on a spouse’s or significant other’s income than they are early in their earning years. Yet a whole new set of concerns have been introduced which many agents fail to point out. First, people forget about financial risks that exist in every portfolio – such as unfavorable interest rates, stock market volatility, and increasing tax risks. Second, social security – which is funded by current workers to support retirees. But more people are leaving the job market than entering it. We’ve all seen projections about when, not if, the social security program is going to run out of money. The other big concern is health care costs. Let me share some of those statistics: The average 65 year old couple can expect to pay $220,000 in medical expenses during retirement. And these expenses will exist for almost everyone. 91% of elderly citizens have at least one chronic medical condition, 73% have at least two. Of course – we all know people who are lucky enough to never experience ANY health care issues. So the flip side of the coin you need to share is the real and tangible risk that they may outlive their retirement income. A 65 year old man can expect to live to age 84 – 19 years past traditional retirement age. A 65-year-old woman can expect to live to age 86 – 21 years past retirement age. So – that’s the bad news. People aren’t prepared. The good news is that at AlSol, we understand these risks and we’ve chosen to partner with carriers that have developed products to help mitigate them. We know that people are going to die too soon, live too long, or get sick along the way. We know that people need alternative solutions to help manage these risks. And we know that you need new opportunities…opportunities to introduce these solutions to your clients and prospects. So why join AlSol? Because we have the Products, the Process and the Partnership to make YOU successful.

The AlSol Annuity Difference

The AlSol two-pronged approach to making sure that all of our agents AND all of your clients understand the value of living needs benefits and lifetime income.

First – life insurance. Everyone knows that a strong life insurance product is the core of any good long-term financial plan. Unfortunately, there are lots of myths and misinformation floating around about annuities and we’re here to help our agents dispel those myths. At AlSol, we’ll show you how to put the life back in life insurance, and how to effectively use annuities to build a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

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Fixed Annuities are the only financial instruments available today, other than Social Security and pension programs, that can provide a guaranteed income for life, regardless of how long one lives and regardless of what happens to the stock market or interest rates. With today’s volatile stock market and low interest rate environment, people are looking for secure ways to grow their retirement assets and generate an income that they can count on to maintain their lifestyle throughout their retirement years. From legacy planning to lifestyle and retirement income planning, AlSol agents use life insurance and annuity products to create customized solutions designed to meet their clients essential needs and guarantee an income for life. Our support system for annuity products and strategies for you and your clients is second-to-none. Our annuity sales desk is led by an industry veteran whose goals are to: • keep you updated on annuity products • provide you with ongoing marketing and sales ideas, and • offer one-on-one annuity sales training, including how to effectively use our income planning software to build case designs and close more sales In short, the annuity products and sales support offered at AlSol are the best in the business. So why join AlSol? Because we have the Products, the Process, the Tools, and the Partnership to make YOU successful.

Value In Joining The AlSol Team

Explore the benefits of both career and independent distribution, and explain why AlSol is a perfect blend of the two. 

If you’ve been in this industry for a while, you’re probably in one of two situations – either you’re an independent agent, successful and skilled in providing a variety of solutions to your clients, but perhaps somewhat isolated. Or, you could be a career agent – someone who appreciates and values the benefits that affiliated distribution can bring, but somewhat limited in your product offerings.

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We have a unique perspective at AlSol. We understand the competitive advantage of working in an independent space, yet we fully support the value that affiliated distribution can provide. We understand the importance of teaching our agents how to provide a lifetime of value and security to a client. The importance of outstanding training and education programs, along with proven sales programs and resources simply cannot be emphasized enough. Just as no two clients are alike, neither are any two producers or sales situations – we carefully profile each producer, and treat each client as a distinctive sales opportunity. We know the teamwork, education, and open communication typically present in an affiliated distribution system are vitally important. Yet we also know it’s a huge benefit to have the opportunity to leverage a multi carrier platform when recommending a solution to clients. AlSol was built with a view to both: the open dialogue of a career channel with the innovation driven by an independent framework. We are looking for both independent producers who are looking for more robust education and training, and career agents who are dissatisfied with changes in compensation and organizational structure. So why join AlSol? Because we have The Products, The Process and The Partnership to make YOU successful.

Prospecting the AlSol Way

When you join our team, you’ll find that you’re more than just a contract number. Not only do we work hard to make sure you fully understand the vast opportunities we provide with our products and carriers, but we help you leverage our proprietary web-based tools in order to help you find opportunities to share the living needs benefit value proposition. 
Remember the movie Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come”? We all know that’s not really the case. We’ve built an excellent product platform, but we also know we need to provide you with ways to share the story.

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That’s where public interest in Social Security and Social Security Wise comes into play. The financial services/life insurance industry recognizes the importance of social security. The energy being applied to the issue is off the charts. While enormous effort has been put into developing strategic analysis software, there has been little effort committed to addressing the agents’ biggest need….prospecting. That’s where Social Security Wise comes in. With this tool, you have the ability to create a customized, personalized website that’s full of compliant, FINRA-reviewed social security content and compelling case studies; along with mass mailing capability and downloadable brochures. Social Security Wise combines a revolutionary prospecting website, exclusive content, and innovative strategies for generating prospects. The result is a business-building platform that enhances your reputation and image online and extends your reach. No other prospecting solution combines the leading-edge technology, original content, marketing strategies and design excellence of Social Security Wise. And at AlSol, it’s available to you. We also give you access to the Social Security Income Planner, a program that helps you model various Social Security strategies. This website offers you ways to fully explore clients’ social security options, and recommend smart approaches in their overall plans. Having this knowledge at your fingertips will help you construct overall retirement income investing strategies that are much more effective in handling clients’ long-range needs. We are invested in and dedicated to our team, and the programs we’ve developed to help generate prospects prove it. So why join AlSol? Because we have The Products, The Process and The Partnership to make YOU successful.

The Case For Living Needs Benefits

A video demonstration of just how valuable living benefits can be.
People are living longer than ever – that’s the good news. The bad news is, they’re not prepared.

What do I mean by that? Let me demonstrate with some pretty unbelievable stats.

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A 65 year old man can expect to live to age 84 – 19 years past traditional retirement age. A 65-year-old woman can expect to live to age 86 – 21 years past retirement age. If you know any 21-year-olds, or 22-year-olds such as my son Sam, he would tell you that’s an entire lifetime. Three out of four people – 73 percent of recent survey respondents — said that serious health problems are a major concern. 50 percent of households are at risk of having their standard of living decline in retirement. That’s right – 50 PERCENT. Half of all the people you encounter are facing a tough time in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Of course all your clients aren’t in their 60s, so let’s talk about medical realties. Half of all men, and a third of all women, will develop cancer. 75 percent of heart attack victims, and 70 percent of stroke victims, survive for at least three years. Do you think they’re able to earn an income during these years? With numbers like these, I’d say it’s 100% likely that a client of yours is going to be affected by one or more of these financial issues. How would you feel knowing that you can help mitigate these risks? At AlSol, you’ll be in a position to do exactly that. We’ve chosen to market exclusively to the living benefit segment of the life and retirement market because people need what we provide: Alternative Solutions and New Opportunities. So why join AlSol? Because we have The Products, The Process and The Partnership to make YOU successful.

Rethinking Life Insurance At AlSol Brokerage

Conversations around life insurance have changed. Because we at AlSol focus on living benefits and lifetime income, you can show clients how to put the life back in life insurance and in so doing, gain a real competitive advantage in today’s cluttered marketplace.

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Think about this: when people are in their 30s and 40s, they have three key financial concerns: making sure their mortgage is protected, ensuring their children are able to attend college, and protecting their income in the event of a premature death. But as people get closer to retirement age, these concerns go away. But what many people don’t realize is that a whole new set of concerns have been introduced. It’s your job to make sure your customers are aware of these new concerns. The nest egg they worked so hard to earn is subject to market volatility, increased taxes and un-favorable interest rates. Social security is in jeopardy. Health care costs are a concern as well AND the average couple retiring at age 65 can expect to pay $220,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses during retirement. At AlSol, we partner with life insurance companies who address these risks through a series of innovative solutions that protect against financial longevity risks and serious illnesses. So when you think about how YOUR conversation around life insurance could change, consider this: AlSol provides you with life insurance products that foster truly meaningful conversations, conversations that deliver a lifetime of valuable solutions. AlSol partners with companies that are forging new paths in the way people think about, purchase and use life insurance and retirement solutions….AND We want you change the way YOU think about, recommend and place living benefit products. So why join AlSol? Because we have the The Products, The Process and The Partnership to make YOU successful.

Why Choose AlSol Brokerage

Reasons why YOU as an agent should consider Alternative Solutions and New Opportunities with AlSol.

Today’s message is about AlSol itself – I’m going to talk to you about why AlSol is different, why we’re special, and why we’re where you need to be. Why our Products, Process and Partnership are the best in the business.

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First – the Products. We’re focusing on what our customers need. There isn’t a single solution in the marketplace today that meets the diverse income needs of people who are retired or getting close to retirement. The carriers we partner with offer benefits that customers can use before their death in cases of serious illnesses, or to supplement their retirement income. We’ve chosen to work with companies that are changing the way people buy life insurance and annuities, so we’re looking for advisors that change the way they recommend life insurance. Second – the Process. At AlSol, we’ve developed top-notch training and development programs. We deliver proven methods for finding viable prospects. All provided by industry experts who have vast experience in career and independent distribution systems. Third – the Partnership. We’re looking for agents to join our team who truly believe in the value of living benefits. By providing you with innovative products, high-quality training, and comprehensive sales support, we help generate radically different conversations with prospects and clients. Once they realize the benefits of using our products for multiple solutions, conversations become benefits driven and cost actually becomes irrelevant, and in many cases higher levels of permanent life coverage are placed. We ask you to think differently about how to approach prospects and clients, and we make sure each and every agent who contracts with us understands the depth and breadth of the living benefit value proposition So why join AlSol? Because we have the The Products, The Process and The Partnership to make YOU successful.